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Sourcing the right safety gear for your staff is essential to you and your company. With over 20 years of experience in the industrial procurement industry, we are able to supply what you need, when you need it. We carry a full range of safety gear including hard hats, gumboots, work suits, gloves, dust masks, rain protection, and first aid kits.

We are conveniently located on Samora Machel Avenue and have a fully stocked showroom of all our products, so visit us today.

Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us?


Product Availabilty

We aim to maintain optimum stock levels for all our products so that we maintain a full inventory and can always deliver to our valued customers.

Timely Delivery

We deliver on request to and from our customers in a timely manner. Clients are informed of new products, promotions and competitions ahead of time to assist in making informed decisions.


We supply top quality products and services at the most competitive prices on the market. This is achieved through open dialogue with our clients and suppliers so as to obtain relevant information and satisfy the expectations of stakeholders.


Our procurement, sales, delivery and other business units are micro-managed individually to achieve maximum efficiency through specialisation. Great care is taken to ensure that they fit seamlessly into the overall business function.

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